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Maximise Private Health Benefits for Dental Wellness

NO GAP Basic Dental Services

At Albert Street Dental, we believe in ensuring everyone has access to essential dental health services. This commitment leads us to provide no out-of-pocket expenses for standard dental check-ups, cleanings, and x-rays, irrespective of your health fund. Our practice ensures no additional costs for the following treatments*:

Preventative Check-Ups & Examinations

Regular dental examinations that involve a thorough assessment of your teeth for cavities and gum diseases.

Scale and Clean

An in-depth cleaning procedure to remove plaque and calculus, followed by a comprehensive clean and polish to maintain smooth teeth and prevent bacterial build-up.


Diagnostic and preventive radiography aimed at identifying potential oral health issues, detecting cavities, examining tooth roots and bones, and evaluating developing teeth.

For private health insurance members under the Private Health Insurance Act 2007, all the above services are fully rebated, irrespective of their health fund, ensuring no out-of-pocket expenses for check-ups, cleans, or x-rays at our practice. However, patients without private health insurance can expect a general cost of approximately $190 for these services.

*For members of any private health fund registered under the Private Health Insurance Act 2007.

Accessing Rebates with Additional Services

Depending on your health fund and level of cover, you may be entitled to claim rebates for other dental treatments. This process can be easily facilitated through HICAPS, providing on-the-spot rebates. However, there are lifetime limits and waiting periods for different types of dental treatments, and these will vary based on your health insurer and level of coverage.

We also offer finance options and payment plans to assist in managing your dental health costs.

HICAPS for Convenient Claims Processing

Maximise your Benefits with HICAPS

HICAPS, which stands for Health Industry Claims and Payments Service, is a seamless electronic health claims system akin to EFTPOS. At Albert Street Dental, the HICAPS facility ensures that patients with private health insurance can easily swipe their card after their dental appointment to claim their rebates on the spot.

With HICAPS, you can claim your rebates electronically, covering the entire cost for check-ups, cleans, or x-ray services without any out-of-pocket expenses. This streamlined system guarantees a hassle-free way of securing your health benefits without additional fees.

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