Invisalign is an advanced, virtually invisible dental treatment that utilises a series of custom-made, clear, and removable aligners to adjust your teeth gently and gradually. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign discreetly aligns your teeth without impacting your daily routine. It’s a simple, painless, and highly effective method to revolutionise your smile and enhance your life.

Invisalign in Taree

At Albert Street Dental, our Invisalign treatment utilises custom-made clear aligners, allowing you to align your teeth without the presence of metal braces. This is particularly ideal for adults seeking to perfect their smiles without the conspicuous appearance of traditional braces or retainers.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • Invisible: Invisible aligners allow you to smile confidently during and after treatment.
  • Removable: Enjoy your favourite foods and maintain regular oral hygiene without any restrictions.
  • Comfortable: Metal-free and unobtrusive, Invisalign offers unmatched comfort.

Invisalign offers numerous benefits:

  • Normal eating and drinking routines
  • Enhanced comfort compared to traditional braces
  • High discretion without brackets or attachments
  • A versatile teeth-straightening solution for all ages
  • Minimal impact on speech
  • Gradual adjustments tailored to suit your lifestyle

We offer complimentary Invisalign consultations to discuss all available treatment options tailored to your needs.

Smile On Clinics dental practices are proud to be an official Platinum Elite Provider of Invisalign.

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