Albert Street Dental, ensuring your safety on the field with custom mouthguards, designed for high-impact sports such as football, soccer, hockey and boxing, to name a few.

The Benefits of Custom-Made Guards:

Custom mouthguards are meticulously crafted, spongy shields that fit snugly over your teeth, protecting them from impacts during high-impact sports activities. They are also beneficial for jaw issues, snoring, teeth grinding, and sleep apnoea.

Why You Need a Custom Mouthguard:

  • Guards against jaw joint and soft tissue injuries
  • Protects from neck and jaw injuries
  • Reduces the likelihood of concussions
  • Enhances performance compared to regular mouthguards
  • Safeguards your teeth from impacts

Maintaining Your Mouthguard

Proper care ensures a longer lifespan for your mouthguard. Remember to brush it with toothpaste before and after use and let it air dry. Occasionally clean it with cool, soapy water and store it in a ventilated plastic container, away from heat exposure.

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