Are you in pain? Need to replace teeth but afraid of the $$?

Do you find yourself facing oral pain or hesitating to address dental issues due to financial concerns? At Albert Street Dental, we offer a solution by utilising your Superannuation to assist in covering critical dental expenses.

Use Your Superannuation to Get Your Healthiest Smile

Many dental treatments can be financially overwhelming, particularly when it comes to dental surgery. Did you know you can potentially use your Superannuation to alleviate these costs? We offer guidance on accessing compassionate release of your Superannuation funds, enabling you to address vital dental treatments for yourself or dependents. By using these funds today, you can avoid waiting until you reach the age of 65.

How does compassionate release of Superannuation work?

The process involves seeking early access to your Superannuation funds, which allows you to fund essential dental treatments that are a priority for you or your dependents. However, specific criteria must be met to apply for the early release of funds.

What you might like to use your Super towards:

Upgrade your dentures with dental implants: Missing teeth can be effectively addressed by using long-lasting dental implants. At Albert Street Dental, we strive to create a healthy and natural-looking smile by replacing missing teeth, and we are an official clinic for TEETH ON IMPLANTS®.

Root canal therapy: Our clinic offers root canal therapy, a treatment to save a tooth that has been severely damaged by decay, disease, or trauma.

Use your Super to help improve your smile

Interested in using your Superannuation to ease the burden of dental costs? Reach out to our friendly team at Albert Street Dental today. We’ll guide you through the process while ensuring you relax and enjoy your new, beautiful, and healthy smile.

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